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Opportunity to work with us

Please click the button below if you are a subcontractor, materials supplier, service provider, or small or disadvantaged business interested in being registered in our procurement database.

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Round Building

Opportunity to work with us

Please click the button below if you are a subcontractor, materials supplier, service provider, or small or disadvantaged business interested in being registered in our procurement database.

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Discover the targeted services 


Civil Works

(demolition, excavation, backfill, temp/final grading, fencing, landscaping, utility relocation)

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Structural Works

(temporary concrete; permanent concrete;rebar; incidentals, waterproofing)

Industrial Engineer

Engineering Design

Concrete Structure



Wooden boards




Precast Concrete


Who We Are

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We believe every project is an opportunity: to build the future, to support an area, and to bring sustainable benefits to the women and men who live and work there. CBNA’s employees seize every such opportunity. Because each project brings its own potential for the future, our teams work every day alongside our partners and clients to imagine and build ambitious solutions for sustainable development.

While each of our sites is unique, underground or elevated, urban or rural, serving water or transportation, our way of conducting operations upholds our vision: Innovation, Responsibility, and Commitment. Our long-term development will depend on our capacity to be positioned with offers that are as inclusive as possible and to become stronger at every stage of the construction value chain by integrating the digital tools that are transforming our activities today.

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Halmar is an industry leader working in active metropolitan areas throughout the nation. Innovative solutions to design and construction challenges, coupled with an award-winning partnering approach, allow Halmar to achieve accelerated schedules, lower costs, and build trusted client relationships. The firm’s goal for every project is incorporating innovation, best practices, and lessons learned from past experience to deliver exceptional projects for our clients and stakeholders – safely, on time, within budget, and at the utmost level of quality – minimizing impacts to benefit all parties. At Halmar, our people are our greatest asset. From executive management to site foremen, these are the people that are the face of Halmar’s values, and behind every successfully delivered project. It is their commitment to excellence and passion to solve challenges that sets us apart from our competition. A family-oriented company that has grown exponentially over recent years, Halmar maintains a culture of trust in corporate offices and on the job sites.

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We have completed projects in dense urban areas and major cities,

social disruption and improving communities.


  • Hatch is Tunnel Independent Reviewer for CBNA’s sister company’s Melbourne Metro Project (Australia).


  • Hatch and COWI were involved in the design of the Anacostia River Tunnel.


  • Hatch and COWI are partnered on the Fargo Moorhead Diversion Channel Project (P3 & DB) and other projects like San Juan Cruise Port terminal, PR.


  • Prequalified and participated in the RFP of BART Silicon Valley Phase II Extension, Tunnel/Trackwork CP2 in California.


  • Hatch was part of the Program Management for Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel (OCIT), COWI was the Designer.

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For 50 years, Fort Myer Construction Corporation has built the American Dream for the people of DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Fort Myer started with humble roots out of an apartment in Arlington, Virginia paving driveways and patios. The company’s founders, Jose Rodriguez and Lewis Shrensky, worked hard to complete the highest quality work with every job, no matter how small it was. 

As DC, Maryland, and Virginia economies started to grow, so too did Fort Myer. When an infrastructure construction company was needed, no matter the project complexity, Fort Myer Construction was there to safely deliver high-quality work at a fair price. 

Fort Myer Construction is proud to have built much of the infrastructure that allows the residents of DC, Maryland, and Virginia to achieve their American Dream. The company is even more proud to have helped thousands of employees over the years achieve their own American Dream. 

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